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Yakima DoubleHaul Fly Rod Carrier: Installation Information

Thanks to a toolless design that's compatible with virtually all vehicle roof rack cross bars, installing the Yakima DoubleHaul on your vehicle takes as little as 10 minutes.

When you order your Yakima DoubleHaul, you'll be asked to answer some basic questions about your vehicle and its roof rack. Whether you've got a factory OEM roof rack, a Yakima rack or a rack made by an unaffiliated third party, the DoubleHaul is designed to mate easily to them all. Or, if you need a roof rack, get the outstanding quality of Yakima racking systems! An authorized Yakima dealer in your area can help secure the roof rails themselves to your vehicle.

Preparing Your Vehicle For The Yakima DoubleHaul

In order to install the Yakima DoubleHaul on your vehicle, you must have a base roof rack system with crossbars on your vehicle. If your crossbars are adjustable, you'll begin by sliding them forward. Next, if your vehicle has a rear hatchback, you'll want to open the rear door to make sure it doesn't strike the DoubleHaul. Be sure to position the DoubleHaul far enough forward to allow the rear hatch to open all the way. Since this fly rod carrier from Yakima is designed for the reels to sit safely on their side, you shouldn't need to worry about the need for risers. While the DoubleHaul carrier can accommodate fully assembled fly rods up to nine feet long, the overall length of this fly rod carrier is about eleven feet long. For shorter vehicles, you may want to install this Yakima fly rod carrier in it's six-foot configuration. This will accommodate your fly rods when they're broken down.

Once you've picked a configuration and found the right placement for the DoubleHaul on your vehicle's crossbars, just follow the included instructions. A video installation guide is also available, so you can see the process from start to finish. All the parts, tools and documentation you'll need are provided in the box! The Yakima DoubleHaul installs quickly and easily so you spend less time packing and rigging for more time fishing.