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Installing River Quiver Fly Rod Carrier from Riversmith Is a Breeze

River Quiver is easy to install, and the end result looks great. You'll need a few supplies of your own:

  • Pencil or other marking utensil
  • Tape measure
  • 10mm nut driver or socket with extension on a quarter-inch ratchet
  • a 4mm allen key

We'll give you a basic overview below, but more detailed instructions with pictures are included with River Quiver.

If your vehicle has a rear hatch that opens upwards, be sure to have it open. Then, measure the distance between the front crossbar of your vehicle and the place where the reel box of River Quiver will go. This will also give you an idea of where the risers will be placed. Once you know where to put the risers, go ahead and connect the nose cone to the rear half of the River Quiver with the coupler. It'll be easier to do this part with the entire assembly stood on end. Then, simply place the assembly on your vehicle's roof rack cross bars, and be sure to double check the clearance of the rear hatch. Once everything is double checked, go ahead and tighten down all of the mounting hardware.

If you have larger aero-style bars (for example, a Thule truck rack or Nissan Xterra factory bars), you may need extending mounting hardware. Riversmith offers this hardware, as well.

Caring for River Quiver After It Is Installed

Once you have River Quiver installed on the top of your vehicle, there are a few things you should keep in mind to stay as safe as possible. Before any trip, after encountering rough terrain, and regularly during use, check all the hardware to make sure River Quiver is securely fastened to your vehicle. The hardware is self-locking, so you shouldn't need thread locker, but like any roof-mounted accessory, you should keep an occasional eye on things. Make sure that you inspect the River Quiver regularly for any damage, as well. If any of the components are worn or damaged, be sure to replace them.

Also, don't forget that River Quiver makes your vehicle taller. You might even want to measure the height of your vehicle after you've installed the fly rod holder. Once you have the new height, be extra cautious not to go through areas with clearance that might be too low. Also, it's recommended that you remove River Quiver before going through an automated car wash.

But the most important thing to do once River Quiver is installed is to have fun and enjoy your trips to the water!