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The Story of Trxstle, Makers of the CRC Fly Rod Holder System

The CRC system shows a dedication to making your adventures easier by removing much of the hassle beforehand. This is a guiding philosophy of Trxstle: to make sure you can spend as much time enjoying your outdoor time as possible. The company was founded in 2015 by outdoor enthusiasts and mechanical engineers, John and Morgan. From fly fishing to mountain biking, they love it all, and they're aware of the need for multi-purpose tools that make your outdoor time more enjoyable.

Innovative, quality gear is what you'll find from Trxstle. From the CRC system to the River Locker to personalized nippers, Trxstle gear is designed to make your fly fishing trip easier and more fun. Speaking of fun, Trxstle also offers a range of apparel featuring eye-catching designs inspired by fly fishing.

What Does the Name Mean?

"Trxstle" is pronounced "trestle" after the bridges common throughout our railways. Trxstle founders John and Morgan used to work as lead design engineers in charge of rail equipment. A trestle bridge allows a train to travel over canyons, floodways, rivers, and valleys so that it can get where it needs to go. Trxstle has the same goal: to help you avoid obstacles on your way to outdoor adventure.

Community Road Map

In addition to making exceptional, high-quality products, Trxstle also wants to do real good in the world. That's why they've created the Community Road Map. This means that Trxstle uses unique marketing that promotes things like conservation, healthy growth of outdoor activities, and interpersonal connections. Donating auction prizes to charities, supporting organizations like Healing Waters, and hosting local fly-tying events to get people more interested in the joy of fly fishing are just a few of the ways that Trxstle gets involved with its local community, the country, and the world.