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Riversmith: Dedicated To Making Fly Fishing More Enjoyable

First and foremost, the folks at Riversmith love fly fishing. Their home base is in Colorado, home of streams, rivers, and lakes that are all renowned for world-class fly fishing. Everything that the company does comes from that passion for fly fishing and a profound desire to share it with others. It's this dedication to the sport that led them to develop the River Quiver, a top-quality fly rod holder that allows you to safely transport your assembled fly rods to the water without worrying about damaging them. After all, a fly fishing trip should be focused on fly fishing. With this top-quality fly rod carrier from Riversmith, you'll arrive at the water and be able to start casting right away instead of assembling your fly rod.

Anglers deserve the best, and that's exactly what Riversmith delivers. Rather than half-heartedly assemble a fly rod vault and call it good, the engineers considered every angle. This fly rod carrier had to be light and attractive, while still being durable and capable of protecting assembled fly rods in transit. To achieve this, they relied on precise, quality engineering. Materials like single anodized aluminum make for a durable case, while the top-grade polypropylene liner keeps fly rods safe. The River Quiver has undergone intensive testing to make sure it can take care of your precious cargo. What's more, it's designed and assembled in Boulder, Colorado!

Whether you're fly fishing in a mountain stream, a saltwater flat, or a secluded lake, Riversmith is there for you. The River Quiver is renowned for its quality, having won the 2018 IFTD Best of Show award for accessories over $100. Guides and retailers alike trust the unmatched quality that Riversmith offers, which makes it easy for you to get your own River Quiver. Simply order it directly from Riversmith, or choose one of over 130 fly fishing retailers that proudly promote this stunning fly rod carrier!