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The Fly Rod Safe: Installation Information

When you order your Fly Rod Safe, you'll also receive detailed instructions on how to attach it safely and securely to your vehicle's roof rack. The Fly Rod Safe uses a simple clamp design that can attach to almost any vehicle's roof crossbars, from OEM roof racks to popular aftermarket racks. You'll only need a few common hand tools: a standard tape measure, 5/32" allen wrench, 1/4" allen wrench and some blue Loctite® to secure the mounting bolts. To achieve the ideal tightness on the mounting bolts, a torque wrench is also recommended.

The Fly Rod Safe mounts securely to your vehicle using a system of diamond clamps and shaft collars. The fly rod tubes slide into the shaft collars that are mounted to the diamond clamps which clamp down on the roof rack on your car, truck or SUV.

Want help with installation? If you're in Southwest Colorado, you can visit the Fly Rod Safe Co. at their Montrose location where they'll install the Fly Rod Safe of your choice right at their facility! Or, if you're not in the area, get help by phone or turn to a local mechanic for assistance. The Fly Rod Safe Co. can ship to anywhere in the United States. Due to the size and weight of a completed Fly Rod Safe, shipping comes only by freight.

Preparing Your Vehicle For The Fly Rod Safe

Before mounting the Fly Rod Safe on your car, take care to make sure there's enough clearance for the rear hatch to fully open. Place the Fly Rod Safe on the roof rails where you plan to install it -- then, if your car or SUV has a rear hatchback, open the hatch. If the hatch strikes the Fly Rod Safe when open, the Fly Rod Safe may need to be positioned further forward.