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Installation of Rodmounts Fly-Rod Racks

Sumo Exterior Rod Rack Installation

Rodmounts offers two different Sumo Rod Rack adhesion options, and both of them are remarkably simple to install. For the stronger suction-adhesion model, simply remove the protective film and inspect the suction cup to make sure it's clean and damage-free. Then loosen the Lever-Lock and the ball & socket wing nuts and place the mount on a clean and smooth car surface. Finally, push down on the "press" button and rotate the lever-lock back into its locked position. Do this for both sides and make sure there is strong adhesion. Once that's done, tighten both wing nuts and adjust the rod holder for vertical alignment.

Installing the Sumo magnetic mount is even simpler: simply place the mount on a flat, steel surface and make sure adhesion is strong.

ROD-UP Interior Rod Rack Installation

For the universal ROD-UP Interior rod rack that fits most passenger vehicles with a hatchback, installation is a breeze. The telescopic rear-assembly tube smoothly and simply suctions onto the rear-side windows with a lever-lock (NOTE: Do NOT place suction cups on the grid lines.) Adjust the length of the tube to appropriately fit your vehicle, and engage suction on the other side. The rod carriers can be positioned along the assembly tube above, below, or staggered against the assembly itself. The rod tip carrier fits around the posts of your head rests, and can be adjusted to your preferred height.

The ROD-UP Interior rod rack for trucks w/ a bed-cap works similarly, except that, instead of suction mounts that adhere to the window, there are window frame brackets that fit between the window frame of the cap and the cap itself. The brackets are held in place with a set screw, and the assembly tube mounts right into the brackets.