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Installation of the CRC Fly Rod Carrier System from Trxstle

Trxstle knows that having your fly rod fully assembled and rigged up when you arrive at the water is the best, most efficient way to start any fly fishing trip. That's why they made the CRC system easy to install on your vehicle and detachable so you can carry it with a shoulder strap. This fly rod carrier is designed to fit on a variety of roof racks, from factory OEM racks to popular brands like Yakima, Thule, Rhino Rack, and more. The versatile quick clamps attach to round, square, and aero-style crossbars. While the minimum distance needed between the two clamps is 32 inches, the telescoping design has no maximum distance. What's more, the CRC is designed with the reel up for clearance on vehicles with a rear hatch and better protection of fragile eyelets.

If you have lower-profile factory aero-style crossbars, you may not have enough clearance to fit the CRC system with the standard equipment. That's why Trxstle offers a Low Profile Clamp Kit that includes all the gear necessary to install the CRC system. If you're not sure whether the CRC system will fit your crossbars, the folks at Trxstle are always happy to chat.

How Do I Install the CRC System?

When you get your new CRC system, you'll find two quick clamps. These are stored in the lid when the CRC is shipped. Removed the quick clamps and loosen the knobs to install the T-nuts in the tube's slot openings. Slide the clamps onto the tube and line them up with the crossbars of the roof rack. Then, place the CRC system on your vehicle, attaching the clamp arm to the crossbars. When you finish off by tightening the clamps, you'll secure them to the CRC tubes and the crossbars of your vehicle. The next step is the best: drive to the water for some fun!