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Vehicle Roof-Mounted Fly Rod Vaults, Holders & Carriers: Rig Less, Fish More

Getting the most out of your fly fishing excursions takes some serious dedication. It means getting up before dawn, putting in long hours in the car to reach that perfect fishing spot. It means packing all sorts of gear for whatever conditions and fish behavior you might find there. Arriving with a damaged rod, forgotten tackle or finding gear that's been damaged in transit can ruin a rejuvenating day on the water! Now, you can get your gear ready to fish, store it in a protective rack on top of your vehicle and get to your favorite fishing hole ready to catch a big one. Check out these vehicle roof-mounted fly rod carriers, holders, and vaults to make your next fishing trip the best one yet.

Also known as Fly Rod Vaults, Tubes and Holders, vehicle-mounted Fly Rod Carriers save you time, protect your gear and give you a convenient place to keep all your tackle and equipment ready for the water. You never know when you'll find a moment to steal away to the stream -- with one of these roof-mounted fly rod carriers, you'll be ready to go at a moment's notice.

Have multiple rigs setup for different fishing scenarios? Pack them all fully assembled and grab the one you need when you get there. Suddenly, finding your fly fishing setup of choice is as simple as taking it out of its protective vault.

Maybe best of all, Fly Rod Vaults protect your vehicle's interior. Unlike messy rod bags and tackle boxes that can take up room for passengers or find a fly hooked somewhere it doesn't belong, roof-mounted fly rod carriers protect your gear without risking your interior. No more fish hooks in your leather upholstery. No more wet gear sitting in a puddle on the floor of your truck.

We'll help you protect your gear, spare your vehicle and make the most of every fishing trip with these top-quality fly rod carriers.

Who Makes Fly Rod Carriers That Mount to a Roof Rack?

Not that long ago, if you wanted to transport fully assembled fly rods, you needed a 10' van or you were out of luck. That meant spending precious time collapsing rods and rigging them up at the water's edge instead of what you'd rather be doing: catching fish. Today, a number of quality brands are offering protective, durable and easy to install fly rod carriers. Here, you'll find fly rod carriers and other products from trusted names like:

  • Yakima, the global leader in automotive racking and cargo management.
  • Denver Outfitters, the best-selling manufacturer of fly rod carriers in the world.
  • Riversmith, whose River Quiver fly rod carrier was named 2018 Best Accessory Over $100 at the International Fly Tackle Dealers show
  • ...And more!

Build Your Own Fly Rod Carriers

With just a few basic household tools, you can install any of the carriers sold here on your vehicle. Or, if you're handy in a hardware store, we'll help you build your own! DIY fly rod carriers can give you all the benefits of a commercial product at a fraction of the cost.

We'll hook you up with illustrated instructions, materials, tools lists and all the assistance you need to fabricate your own fly rod carrier and even show you reliable ways to mount it to your roof rack. Not only is this a great way to save money, you can build the exact fly rod vault for your needs and whatever you need to bring to the water. Let us show you how to design and install a custom fly rod carrier that fits perfectly on your vehicle.

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