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DoubleHaul Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier By Yakima: Vehicle Mounted Carrier For Fully Assembled Fly Rods

From one of the global leaders in automotive rooftop accessories comes the fastest, easiest way to protect your fly fishing gear and get on the water faster! The Yakima DoubleHaul Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier enables you to store up to four fully strung-up fly rods and reels securely on top of your vehicle. That means no more collapsing and connecting up fly rods when you'd really rather be fishing! Your setup of choice will always be close at hand, locked away securely and shielded from the elements.

The Yakima DoubleHaul has a unique, toolless design that means it easily attaches to most vehicle roof racks in just minutes. And unlike most alternatives on the market, the Yakima DoubleHaul can be configured at either 6' or 11' long. It'll carry long rods when you want, or shrink to a smaller size when you don't. Even huge size 12 reels, spey rods and fighting butts fit comfortably in the durable, protective, locking reel box.

Its felt-lined shelves protect your rod from scratches and support the weight of the fly reel properly. Rods lay on their side to minimize wear and tear during transit. The Yakima DoubleHaul is built specifically for the unique size and weight of fly rods for ideal performance, protection and convenience.

Why Choose The Yakima DoubleHaul Fly Rod Carrier?

When you order the Yakima DoubleHaul fly rod carrier, simply include information with your order about what car, truck or SUV and roof racking equipment you have. Then, your DoubleHaul will come with the exact mounting hardware you need to attach the DoubleHaul to your specific vehicle! Its available toolless design means you'll be able to attach the DoubleHaul in minutes. The Yakima SKS single key system means you have one key to lock the door on your DoubleHaul and lock this fly rod carrier to your vehicle. All your gear will be shielded from the elements and protected from theft, too.

Your Yakima DoubleHaul comes with detailed instructions specific to your vehicle and a video installation guide. With little more than a step ladder and some elbow grease, you can easily install the Yakima DoubleHaul on your vehicle.

And since Yakima makes roof carriers for virtually all types of cargo -- from other outdoor toys like bikes, skis and kayaks to cargo boxes and more -- you can carry everything you need for your outdoor adventure. Its universal mounting system means the DouleHaul is compatible with all Yakima roof racks and crossbars. Now you can carry your fly rig and your kayak or canoe on the roof, leaving more room inside your vehicle for the rest of your gear and passengers.

Yakima DoubleHaul Pricing

The Yakima DoubleHaul is Yakima's fly fishing-specific roof carrier. It provides fully enclosed protection and storage for up to four fly rods. Regular price: $699.00

Also available from the Yakima fish collection, the Yakima ReelDeel is suitable for carrying both fly and spin fishing rods. While it leaves your reels exposed to the elements, it can carry up to eight fully rigged fishing rods securely using a pair of locking clamps. Its simple design also features toolless installation, Yakima SKS security and the ReelDeel can also double as a ski/snowboard carrier outside of fishing season! Regular price: $169.00

The Yakima TopWater Fishing Rod Box gives you protection for your all types of rods and reels as well as extra storage for small tackle boxes and wet gear. There's room inside for up to eight fully-rigged fishing rods up to eight feet in length, resting on foam pads and secured by rubber straps. Plus, its fully enclosed design provides additional storage and easy side opening access. Regular price: $549.00

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