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Asher Rod Lockers: Installation Information

When you unbox your Asher Rod Locker, you will find a small kit of hardware and detailed directions on how to assemble and install it onto your vehicle’s roof rack. You will need a drill, a hammer, a square, and a marker to complete the installation.

Start by assembling the Asher Rod Locker. First, slide the front and rear sections of the Asher Rod Locker together. Hold the lower body, then connect the lid. Next, use the supplied screws and washers to screw the front and rear sections together. We recommend starting all thirteen screws, then tightening the bottom six screws before working around the box and tightening the remaining screws. Each screw provided has a teflon-infused tip to keep the screws from vibrating out over time. Once every screw has been fastened, you have completed the assembly of the Asher Rod Locker.

A Long Box Asher Rod Locker installed on a red SUV.

Start the mounting process by fully extending your vehicle’s tailgate. You will need a drill, hammer, and marker to continue this process. Place the Asher Rod Locker on your vehicle’s cross beams. It is recommended to place the locker a few inches from the tailgate; the tailgate should still have room to fully extend when opened. A few inches between the tailgate and rod locker is the optimal position, but feel free to move the rod locker that best fits your vehicle. Once you have found a favorable placement of the rod locker on your crossbars, using a marker, mark above the front and rear crossbars on the rod locker. Remove the Asher Rod Locker from your vehicle once you have marked the crossbars on the front and back of the rod locker. Using the square and the marker, mark a line across the bottom of the Asher Rod Locker to show where the center of the cross beams were. Now, locate the support plates provided in the hardware kit. Place the support plates on the bottom of the rod locker within the marked line, and use your marker to mark where you will need to place screws. Be sure to remove all foam pieces from within the rod locker before drilling into the metal. Punch a small hole in the center of your screw markings using a hammer. Then drill ⅛” guiding holes, switch to a ¼” drill bit to drill the eight holes, and finally increase the size of the holes to ⅜”. Clean out any metal shavings that may have fallen into the rod locker before moving to the next steps.

After you have drilled the holes into the rod locker, place the rod locker onto your vehicle’s crossbars. Place the support plates from your hardware kit under the rod locker. Align the support plates with the holes drilled into the rod locker and screw it into place.

For more detailed instructions, along with photos, visit our Assembly Page

An Asher Rod Locker will install securely to roof rails on your vehicle.

Can I Pay Someone to Install an Asher Rod Locker for Me?

As of right now, we do not offer installation of the Asher Rod Locker. However, if you have any questions about the installation process, feel free to contact us by phone at (661) 367-6235, or email our team at