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The Big Sky Fly Rod Box: Installation Information

The Big Sky Fly Rod Box comes with all the hardware you need to install it on virtually any vehicle's roof rack, whether factory or aftermarket. It also comes with detailed, illustrated instructions. All you need is a drill. Remember when installing: unlike many competing fly rod vaults, the Big Sky Fly Rod Box opens from the side, so consider which side of the vehicle you want to access your rod box from. Make sure you get the original model for installation on the passenger side, or the southpaw model if you prefer access from the driver side.

If the crossbars on your roof rack are adjustable, make sure they're positioned far enough forward to provide clearance for the vehicle's rear hatch (if it has one). The crossbars must be spaced at least 3' apart for the Classic and Sculpin models or 3.5' apart for the Six Pack.

Before securing your Big Sky Fly Rod Box to the roof rails, be sure to set it on the rails where you'd like to install it, then open up the rear hatch. If the rear hatch strikes the rod box, it may need to be moved forward.

Those needing extra vertical clearance, such as vehicles with low-profile factory roof rails, may need a set of durable spacers. These spacers are available to lift your Big Sky Fly Rod Box up to 3". Made from durable Delrin plastic, these risers can be cut to size to give you the exact lift you need.

Can I Pay Someone To Install The Big Sky Fly Rod Box For Me?

Absolutely! You can come visit the Big Sky Fly Rod Box factory location at 277 High K St., Belgrade, MT 59714. Please call to make an appointment. An associate can tell you how to place your order for local pickup or installation. When you pick up or have installation performed at the factory, all shipping costs are waived. Installation is a $50 fee.

Not lucky enough to call Big Sky Country your neck of the woods? The Big Sky team works with retailers throughout the United States who can receive your Big Sky Fly Rod Box shipment and perform a quick, quality installation.