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Installation Guide: Toccoa Rod Box By Toccoa Guide Gear

When your Toccoa Rod Box arrives in the mail, it'll come with everything you need to secure it to your vehicle. Installation is simple, and a video installation walkthrough is available on the Toccoa website to guide you every step of the way.

The Toccoa Rod Box is compatible with T-bolts and U-bolts, and both are included to work with a wide variety of vehicles and crossbars. An optional spacer also comes included for particularly low-profile roof rails and racks. The original Toccoa Rod Box can also be mounted on the bed of a pickup truck.

What You'll Need:

In addition to the hardware that comes with the Rod Box itself, you'll just need a friend and a few common household tools:

  • A drill
  • 5/16" drill bit (titanium or cobalt)
  • 5/8" drill bit (titanium or cobalt)
  • 1/2" socket wrench
  • A permanent marker (for marking drill hole locations)

How To Install:

More complete instructions and the video installation guide will help you through this process. If you're still shopping for your new fly rod carrier, here's a quick overview of the installation process for the Toccoa Rod Box. To begin, you'll place the Rod Box on your vehicle's roof rails and trace them with the permanent marker onto the box itself, so you know where the crossbars will go. You'll also want to make sure at this stage that your trunk lid or rear lift gate can open without interfering with the Rod Box. Next, you'll drill holes in the bottom of the box for your mounting hardware. Then, you simply use the included mounting hardware to secure the box to your roof rails. Since you'll have to drill holes to fit your particular vehicle, every Toccoa Rod Box gets a custom installation that fits your particular vehicle perfectly!