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The PEAK Rod Transport System: Vehicle Mounted Carriers For Fully Assembled Fly Rods From PEAK Outdoors

When you're up before the sun and hitting the road to your favorite fishing spot, make sure you get the most out of every moment on the water with the PEAK Rod Transport System. Mounted to the roof rails on top of your vehicle, the PEAK Rod Transport system holds fully assembled, ready-to-fish fly rods. That means no more messing with your gear in the parking lot or at the shoreline before you hit the water. From fly fishing rods to spin fishing and spey fishing rigs, the PEAK Rod Transport System can carry them all, ready to fish as soon as you arrive. The PEAK Rod Transport System offers versatility and models that can carry up to four fishing rods. Also, ask us about custom solutions to fit virtually any vehicle. Just imagine your next fishing trip where you'll park, grab your rod and hit the water faster than ever with the PEAK Rod Transport System!

Why Choose The PEAK Rod Transport System?

Fabricated, assembled and distributed in the USA, the PEAK Rod Transport System is built from high-strength materials specially designed to shield your gear from damage. Precision formed and welded steel provides the structure, which is then finished with a durable and handsome powder coating. Inside each reel tube, plastic guides and a padded interior secure your fully assembled fly rod so it won't be damaged in transit. Disconnecting the system so you can fit in smaller garages or switch vehicles is fast and easy.

What's more, the versatile PEAK Rod Transport System is designed to fit a variety of fishing gear including fly rods, spin fishing rods, bait casting rods, even spey rods. Anglers of all kinds can benefit from this impressive fishing rod transport system! If you have oversized gear, call the customer service line and ask about extensions that can hold even the biggest spay and surf fishing rods. With strength, quality, easy assembly and reliable operation, the PEAK Rod Transport System makes every fishing trip more convenient and enjoyable than ever before.

PEAK Outdoors Fly Rod Carrier Product Lineup

The entry-level PEAK Rod Transport System is the PRTS-2F model. With room for two standard fly fishing rods and reels, it's an affordable solution for fly fishing hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals alike! Regular price: $305.00

For families, extra room for fishing buddies or those who want an even wider array of rigs in their arsenal, the PRTS-4F features the same size and quality construction with room for up to four fly rods. Regular price: $455.00

The PRTS-2U8 model of the PEAK Rod Transport System stores two rods and features a larger reel compartment for the largest, heavy-duty reels and fly rods. Regular price: $405.00

The PRTS-2U11 boasts the same larger reel box and an increased length to store two fully assembled fly rods.Regular price: $455.00

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