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About Toccoa Guide Gear: Fly Fishing Solutions By Fishermen, For Fishermen

Toccoa Guide Gear is a team of fly fishing enthusiasts passionate about making the sport of fly fishing more affordable and more accessible for everyone. Their mission is to develop, test and build solutions to the problems that frustrate America's anglers. Toccoa Guide Gear has released their debut product, the Toccoa Rod Box, helping fly fishing enthusiasts save time and protect their gear.

Or, in their own words, "If we are being honest, our wives let us fish more now that we can call it 'product testing'."

Toccoa Guide Gear is located in Mariette, Georgia. In the North Georgia/Atlanta area? Ask us about local pickup for your Tooccoa Rod Box XL to get the installation help you need and save on shipping!

About The Toccoa Rod Box Warranty

The Toccoa Rod Box is more than just built to last -- it's guaranteed to last. Toccoa Guide Gear stands behind their Rod Boxes with a 1-year limited warranty.

In the event that your Toccoa Rod Box has a defect, or develops one during the first year of ownership, you'll be entitled to repair or replacement at no additional charge.

The warranty cannot cover damage sustained to the rod box, wear and tear, oxidation or sun damage. Furthermore, any damage caused by improper installation or failure of third-party hardware, such as vehicle roof rails, cannot be covered by the warranty.

Remember, a Toccoa Rod Box that isn't properly secured to your vehicle could become damaged and could even cause damage to other vehicles if it falls off as you drive. If you perform careful installation and still find a defect, reach out to the Toccoa Guide Gear team for assistance. They'll work with you to get your Rod Box fixed or replaced.