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The River Quiver Fly Rod Carrier from Riversmith

Just as an archer carries arrows safely in a quiver, you can safely transport fully assembled fly rods in the River Quiver! This vehicle rooftop fly rod vault from Riversmith is an award-winning solution to the problem of transporting fly rods. It's available in both 2-Banger (which can carry two fly rods) and 4-Banger (which can carry four) varieties, so you can take a friend or two (or three!) along for the journey. Fly rods up to 10'4" and up to 12 weight can fit comfortably inside. Whether you're carrying one fly rod or four, you'll be able to get out on the water sooner with the River Quiver.

River Quiver Is Strong and Convenient

If you've spent time fly fishing, you'll know that transporting a fly rod to the water can be tricky. Not only does disassembling it mean you'll have to spend time reassembling it once you're at your destination, but the fly rod can still be damaged in transit. Fortunately the River Quiver not only allows you to carry fly rods fully assembled, but this carrier also ensures that fly rods remain undamaged. The injection molded reel box and the proprietary aluminum double barrel extrusion are both impressively strong and lightweight. River Quiver has been Military Spec 810G vibration standard tested to withstand shock, wind, and impact without damaging the contents. The team at Riversmith have tested this by taking a hammer to River Quiver, throwing it across a parking lot like a javelin, and other abuse. Even in tests like these, the reel box and fly rod tubes inside didn't break!

River Quiver is easy to use and difficult for others to misuse. Its side-swing door with hold-open hinge makes it easy for you to load and unload from the ground, without having to hold the door open. The Quiet Aero design reduces wind resistance while you drive, while the slip-proof thru bolted coupler provide easy, sturdy connection. Anyone trying to break into your River Quiver will find an unpleasant surprise, thanks to the sturdy tongue and groove joint and the AES polymer construction.

River Quiver Is a Beloved, Awarded Product

There's no shortage of rooftop fly rod carriers out there, but River Quiver truly is something special. It won the 2018 IFTD Best of Show award for accessories over $100, and is the top rated fly rod carrier on Google. With over 130 fly fishing retailers carrying River Quiver, it's easy to see that it lives up to the hype!

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