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Fly Rod Vaults By Denver Outfitters: Vehicle Mounted Carriers For Fully Assembled Fly Rods

As an angler, your fly rod setup is a reflection of yourself -- the fish you like to hunt, the waters in your area and the techniques you choose to use. Since a premium fly rod can be a significant investment of time and money, protecting your gear is important. This includes the trip to and from the water. Fortunately, there's a solution that allows your fly rod to remain assembled. This way, you spend more time fishing and less time rigging. Rod Vaults from Denver Outfitters are vehicle roof-mounted fly rod carriers that protect your gear from the elements and let you transport fully assembled rigs!

Fly rods can be easily damaged in the back of a car, truck or SUV, and that often means things like broken guides, cracked ferrules and snapped blanks. That's why Denver Outfitters Fly Rod Vaults offer durable impact protection so you can safely transport all your fly rods again and again.

Best of all, Fly Rod Vaults by Denver Outfitters are designed to carry fully assembled rigs. That means no more fussing with your gear, collapsing your fly rod to fit into your car -- the whole assembly can be simply and securely stored inside your Rod Vault. Rig up your rod the night before, arrive at the fishing spot, grab your gear and hit the water. It really is that simple. No more fish hooks in your car's upholstery, no more rigging up your rod while other anglers get to the spot before you, no more rods bent or broken in transit.

Fly Rod Vaults are available in a variety of sizes to hold 2, 3 or 4 fly rods. Do more fishing and less rigging with a Fly Rod Vault from Denver Outfitters!

Why Choose a Rod Vault From Denver Outfitters?

There's a reason Rod Vaults from Denver Outfitters are the best-selling fly rod carriers in the world. Each fly rod tube is built from aircraft-grade aluminium to protect your gear from damage, and quality nylon lining protects your gear from scratches and scuffs during storage. Best of all, the reel housing is sturdy and spacious enough to hold larger size 10 and size 12 reels.

Denver Outfitters Rod Vaults can be installed on just about any vehicle with a roof rack and crossbars. Ask about custom sizes and mounting solutions that are designed to fit your equipment and your vehicle flawlessly! We've even got custom wraps to add a splash of color and style to your Fly Rod Vault. Denver Outfitters is dedicated to helping America's anglers spend more time fly fishing and less time rigging gear.

Denver Outfitters Fly Rod Vault Product Lineup

The original Fly Rod Vault is The Classic, with space for three fully assembled fly rods. It holds fly rods up to 10' long with space for reels up to 4" in diameter. Regular price: $499.99

With storage for two fully assembled fly rods, the Rod Vault 2 is an outstanding value that can accommodate even bigger rigs. It holds rods up to 10'-6" long with space for reels up to 4.25" in diameter. Regular price: $399.99

Provide space for your buddies' fly rods or keep additional setups close at hand with the Rod Vault 4, the largest Denver Outfitters fly rod vault model that accommodates up to 4 fly rods. Like the Rod Vault 2, it can store fly rods up to 10'-6" long with space for reels up to 4.25" in diameter. Regular price: $599.99

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