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The PEAK Rod Transport System: Installation Information

All you'll need is a few common hand tools to securely mate the PEAK Rod Transport System to your vehicle. It's designed to fit on all the most common roof rail and crossbar sets. Many vehicles are compatible out of the box, others may require a set of risers, which are available through PEAK Outdoors. Don't want to fuss with installation yourself? A local mechanic in your area should be able to install this roof-mounted fly rod carrier for you.

Want to easily switch vehicles or detach the PEAK Rod Transport System so your vehicle can slip into a garage or carport? Get the available Quick Disconnect Mount that saves you even more time.

Measuring Your Vehicle For The PEAK Rod Transport System

Before you order your PEAK Rod Transport system, PEAK Outdoor has provided a guide to helping you order the right mounting hardware and adapters necessary for your specific vehicle. You'll want to create a cardboard template in the size and shape of the transport system that works for you. A piece of cardboard or a 2x4 will stand in for the rod tubes and a smaller cardboard box will stand in for the reel housing.

Set the template on top of your vehicle's roof mounting system. If your vehicle has a rear hatch, open the hatchback to ensure there is enough clearance for the hatch and the hatch doesn't strike the reel housing. If necessary, slide the template forward to increase the clearance. Or, available risers up to 4" in height will allow the system to be mounted higher for increased clearance without moving the system too far forward.

For complete installation instructions or to reach out about mounting solutions specific to your vehicle, visit the PEAK Outdoor website.