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Fly Rod Carrier Comparison: The Fly Rod Safe Company vs Thule

The Fly Rod Safe Company Legend

The Fly Rod Safe Company fly rod carrier “Legend” is a built-in-the-USA, hand crafter, and expertly engineered rod carrier to accommodate the most precious fly fishing cargo. From the durable aluminum rod compartment construction, to the intricately designed mahogany backing boards, and the delicately displayed reel padding, everything has been considered in the conception of this rod carrier. Oftentimes setting up your rod can take time away from fishing and be a dissatisfier as anglers seek to get on the river as quickly as possible. The “Legend” rod carrier by The Fly Rod Safe Company gives back that time allowing fully setup rods to be transported to and form the river without worry of breaking these fragile pieces of equipment. So whether you’re looking for a way to keep your rod safe from the elements, trying to merely save time getting setup on the river, or perhaps just looking for a way to store your rods, be sure to checkout the “Legend” rod carrier by The Fly Rod Safe Company.


Thule Rod Vault 4

The Thule “Rod Vault 4” is a durable and heavy duty rod vault constructed to hold fully rigged rods and decrease the time anglers spend setting up their fly rods stream-side. From the accommodating 4 rod compartments capable of holding up to 10ft rods, to the spacious reel houses found at the rear of the vaults, to even the universal mounting system, every aspect of this rod carrier has been fine-tuned to make it’s use as carefree as possible. Fly fishing is a sport that in today’s world takes tenacity, endurance, and a speed unlike anything before to beat out the competition to the next fishing hole. Well, the Rod Vault 4 from Thule provides anglers with a fast way to store fully-rigged fly rods and safely transport them to a from the river to cut down on the time it takes to rig up their rods. Next time you’re looking to upgrade your rod carrier on top of your car, consider looking at the Rod Vault 4 from Thule!


Choosing the Right Fly Rod Carrier

To help you become more familiar with The Fly Rod Safe Company and Thule brands of fly rod carriers, we've put together a list of features below:

The Fly Rod Safe Company Product Features

  • Leak Prevention
  • Rod/Reel Protection and Padding
  • Capacity of up-to 10’6 Rod Lengths
  • Hand-built in the USA

Thule Product Features

  • Holds 4 Rods 10’ each
  • Accommodates reel diameters up to 4.25”
  • Fishing rod rack locks
  • Universal mounting system